Welcome to FetchNovels’ documentation!


This project helps you to download novels from Internet, and easily write into files.


usage: fetchnovels [-h] [-V] [-u | -d | -l | -ls | -la | -D | -m] [-v] [-r]
                   [-p PROXY | -n]
                   [source] [tid [tid ...]]

Fetch novels from Internet, and write into file.

Available sources:
  bgif2, biquge, dzxsw, feizw, haxtxt, klxsw, lwxs, lwxs520, lwxsw,
  piaotian, piaotiancc, ranwen, shu69, shushu8, sto, ttshuba,
  ttzw, ttzw5, uks5, wdxs, xs365, yfzww, yq33, zhaishu8,
  doubangroup, ...

positional arguments:
  source                download source
  tid                   id for novels to download

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -u, --update          update novels in the database
  -d, --dump-only       dump only without update
  -l, --list            list novels in the database
  -ls, --list-serial    list serials in the database
  -la, --list-article   list articles in the database
  -D, --delete          delete novels in the database
  -m, --mark-finish     mark novels as finished
  -v, --verbose         show in more detail
  -r, --refresh         refresh novel in the database
  -p PROXY, --proxy PROXY
                        use specific proxy
  -n, --no-proxy        do not use any proxies

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